Different bachelorette parties

The premises were simple, a private bachelorette party, original, different and above all very fun.

Lídia entrusted us with her friend’s bachelorette party, we had a great day of sun, good sea and music.

In amp charters everything is included so you don’t have to worry about anything. Drinks, aperitif, gasoline, Skipper… ALL!

For this reason we have specialized a lot in farewells, because people prefer us, because simple things work.

IMG 9207 scaled
The details make the difference for the bride.

For the bride and her friends to have a good memory, they will have to have a great time and do things that they had not planned, such as doing tests and challenges with the bride.

We include water toys, but don’t freak out, we are talking about paddle surfing and the water torpedo.

torepdo 1

This is the star water toy, and it’s free.

It’s like an electric scooter, but at sea, it propels you through the water and facilitates fun on board.

IMG 9200 1

We love bringing our bachelorette clients to dream coves, so they can enjoy their party on our boat.

Quiet coves with transparent water, S’agaro is a good option.

IMG 9202

Finally, we attach this magnificent photo that a great friend took of us from the beach of Sant Feliu De Guíxols.
We can see the clients at the bow of the boat enjoying the appetizers on board.

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