Cala Pola Excursión en Barco
Cala Pola Excursión en Barco

Renting a boat is the best option to get to know the Costa Brava in 2023

The Catalan coast is known for many factors, gastronomy, culture, fishing, landscape… what do you think if we put all this together and add a boat excursion?

If you are planning a holiday on the Costa Brava for the summer of 2023, one of the best ways to get to know the impressive landscapes and beaches of the area is by renting a boat.

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In this short blog we will explain why renting a boat for excursions along the Costa Brava is the best option and we will give you some basic advice.

When people visit the Catalan coast, the first thing they plan to do is rent a boat, be it in Tossa de Mar, Playa de Aro, Calella de palafrugell… there are a thousand and one coves and dream corners that attract tourists from all walks of life. corners of the world.

The Costa Brava stretches along the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, from the city of Blanes to the French border, and is famous for its beautiful beaches, picturesque coastal towns and crystal clear waters.

There are many options for boat rentals and more in Playa de Aro, the heart of the entire Costa Brava.

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The most common way to do tourism on the Costa Brava is by car, on foot or by bicycle, but from Barcelona to Roses, the entire coast offers us the possibility of getting to know it by boat.

You can take advantage of the good prices offered by boat rental companies out of season, around April and May the weather is magnificent and prices do not skyrocket, it is a good time for local tourism.

Referring to boat tours, it should also be said that the camí de ronda” has some very cool tours and paths to get to know the entire rocky coast on foot.

It really is a unique experience, nothing compares to the experience of navigating the Costa Brava on a boat. You will be able to enjoy the impressive views from the sea, which offer a unique perspective of the cliffs, beaches and coastal towns. In addition, you will be able to stop at remote coves and beaches that cannot be accessed any other way.

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On the other hand, we also recommend renting with an experienced skipper who knows the entire coast.

That he can explain and teach all the corners in depth, since there are many tourist guides that tell you the best-known places, but we always recommend letting yourself be advised by the weather conditions and by the skipper, because he can always take you to places that are not so touristy and really pretty.

Here we leave you a YouTube video explaining and recommending the 10 most charming towns on the Catalan coast.

In short, you can stay at home watching the paper house season 5 or you can come to sunbathe and enjoy the sea.

People like to go to the beach in the morning and then go to eat at a beach bar, very characteristic of Lloret de Mar and Blanes, but for that budget, you can rent a boat among the rest of you.


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