Activities to do on a boat

Today we come to solve a somewhat curious question, since for people who are not used to sailing, they do not know the number of activities that can be done on a boat. From the moment we leave the port until we arrive, 3 hours can pass like the whole day, but the number of activities is infinite.

When we leave the port we can go see our jetski friends, who have prepared a circuit of 15 minutes or 30 minutes for us.


At the end of this experience of pure adrenaline, we will go to the cove with the maximum rhythm that our speakers allow us. The first thing is to drop the anchor, to enjoy the experience with peace of mind and safety. Our skipper will set up the bathing ladder and offer refreshments. The first thing is to drop the anchor, to enjoy the experience with peace of mind and safety. Our skipper will set up the bathing ladder and offer refreshments.


On the boat we offer all kinds of water toys “sea toys” and snorkeling equipment.

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The most daring are already beginning to explore the rocks and the seabed, which is worth admiring.

A very fun thing is to take some food and jump into the water with it in your hand, with a bit of luck you will see how the fish come to eat from your hand. REALLY SPECTACULAR.


After a refreshing bath, what you most want is a dose of vitamin D, and the benefits of sunbathing with seawater on your skin are many, among others, you will get more tanned!

Seawater contains salt and other minerals that exfoliate the skin and leave it fine naturally.


The rhythm of the music begins to rise, which tells us that another bath is playing, but this time trying the sea-scooter with waterproof goggles, when you put your head in the water, you realize that it was worth coming here.

Then you decide to try stand up paddle boarding, this toy is the star of the crown as it is so simple yet exhausting. It is perfect for children to play and have fun getting on and off the board.


So much activity calls for a bit of calm, so we went to the pica-pica on board, simple but effective, potatoes and olives accompanied by good vibes, we’re sure right!

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What people want is to be in the water and enjoy the privileged views, so we move to another cove so they can see more fauna and flora, characteristic of the Costa Brava.

Cala Futadera 1



Here in the Empordà we are not short of options, if the client asks for rocky coves, like sandy coves and crystal clear water we have them, simply ask our skipper.




This photo is in Calella de Palafrugell, a postcard-worthy fishing port. We visited it on the North routes. Below this page you have everything well explained.


Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the day is progressing and we are hungry.

The full day tours are from 6 hours to 9 hours and are the ones that we sell the most, since they are the ones that allow us to take clients to eat at restaurants and enjoy more time in the coves. They always have the option of bringing their food.

If the client feels like it, we take a table in one of our portfolio of restaurants, to be able to eat with views of the sea and our ship docked in front of the table.

Let’s hope the following photo is convincing, as the paella lasted less than expected.

IMG 1390


If you do not want to get off the boat, we offer you two options:

  1. You can ask our supplier for a pack with a small assortment of sausages to kill the worm, if you want to try this option, send us a WhatsApp. (It is not included in the price).
  2. If the customer prefers to bring their own food, they must notify us that we do not have a microwave.

After a meal, what you most want is a good nap to match the sway of the sea.

An activity that everyone experiences is a good nap after a meal, it can be very relaxing and restorative for the body and mind. Also, if you can do it near the sea, the sound of the waves and the sea breeze can help you enter an even deeper state of relaxation.

To do this, our skipper prepares the boat for the greatest comfort, puts more mats and we make intensive use of the high-tech awning.

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For fishing lovers we have the solution.


We have a professional fisherman who is going to guide us on a fishing tour.

You do not have to bring anything, since we provide the rods, the bait and the fishing instructor.

Later we will make a blog explaining this experience, if you want to take this fishing experience leaving from Port d’Aro, I must say in advance that you will have to get up early, but it will be worth it, I assure you.

Before heading to port, clients have the option of spraying themselves with fresh water from our onboard showers.


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Therefore, our customers can enjoy the option to spray themselves with fresh water from our onboard showers, giving them a feeling of freshness and comfort before continuing their journey towards their final destination. This additional service is one more example of our commitment and dedication to ensure that our clients’ experience on board our ship is always exceptional.

We like to end the day with a group photo in some emblematic place on the coast.

thumbnail IMG 1330

In this case, Tossa de Mar is a perfect corner to show off with friends and family.





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